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Urban Images and Regional Landscapes
I paint landscapes that depict nature as a magnificent
covering over the earth, reflecting the Creator's glory and
grandeur. Perhaps this veneration for the landscape can be
traced back to when I was a child growing up in the
northwest corner of Montana - "the Big Sky Country"-
world renowned for its breathtaking beauty.

Perhaps my fondness for landscapes turned to passion
after learning about the Barbizon painters in 19th century
France and the California Impressionists of the early
1900s. As their paintings communicate devotion and love
of nature, my work expresses an admiration for the
landscape as well reverence for the One who created the

After looking at Edward Hopper's work, I am inspired to
paint the urban landscape.  After studying with Greg
Kondos, I am inspired to paint the local landscape.

In following the Barbizon and Impressionist tradition of
painting outdoors, I paint on location and allow the
landscape to inspire my vision.  From the country to the
city, I regard the world as my studio.

Buildings. Nature. Slice of life. Where I live.
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